The periphrasis (Greek περί peri, around ' and φράζειν phrazein talk '; Latin circumlocutio ) is an expanding description of a concept, a person or a situation.


  • Demigods in white ( doctors)
  • The father of the economic miracle ( Ludwig Erhard )
  • Pressed milk (cheese)
  • That higher being who we worship (God)
  • The Almighty (God)
  • The eye of the law ( police)
  • The land of milk and honey, the Promised Land ( Canaan )
  • The Holy Land (Israel )

Periphrases are often used to avoid the repetition of a word. They are also used to euphemistically issues, such as deceases instead of die.

For example doctor as opposite of a periphrasis, a denotation be considered, as is the denotation of periphrasis demigod in white.

See also: Paraphrase - antonomasia - stylistic devices - trope ( rhetoric )