Circus Renz

The Circus Renz was a German circus companies. It was founded in 1842 in Berlin by Ernst Jakob Renz Circus Olympic and existed until 1897., The Company had fixed buildings in Berlin, Hamburg, Bremen, Breslau, Vienna and Copenhagen.

Today, there are inside and outside Germany several circus companies of this surname, from which the Circus Universal Renz who logged 2013 bankruptcy, the Circus Show Renz Manege Circus Herman Renz and the Dutch and the Circus Renz Berlin are the greatest.

The original house in Berlin

The headquarters in Berlin, which was founded in 1842 as Circus Olympic, and where Johann Strauss ( son ) had passed on 25 May 1867, with the chapel of Benjamin Bilse the Berlin premiere of the Blue Danube Waltz, had its original location due to the construction of the station Friedrichstraße give up. On April 20, 1879, the circus moved into the former building of the first Berlin Market Hall on Friedrichstrasse ( since 1891 At the Circus 1), the auditorium was expanded in 1888 to 5,600 seats.

After Franz Renz, the company had given up on July 31, 1897 due to financial difficulties, took over on October 28, 1899 Albert Schumann ( 1858-1939 ), the Berlin Zirkusbau and operational until 1918 in the Circus Schumann.


  • Circus Renz is also the title of a German adventure film from 1943, whose premiere took place on 10 September 1943. It was directed by Arthur Maria Rabenalt, and it worked, inter alia, René Deltgen ( Renz ), Paul Klinger ( Harms ), Angelika Hauff ( Bettina ), Gunnar Möller, Willi Rose and Alice meeting with.
  • Souvenir de Cirque Renz ( Circus Renz memories ) is the title of a fast and technically demanding piece of music for xylophone and orchestra, which is part of the standard repertoire of Xylophonisten. Composed it was around 1894 by Gustav Peter ( 1833-1919 ). Another musical reminiscence is the Gavotte Circus Renz, composed by Hermann fly.