Cistus creticus

Cretan rock rose (Cistus creticus )

The Cretan rock rose (Cistus creticus ) is a plant of the genus Cistus (Cistus ) in the family of rockrose ( Cistaceae ).


The Cretan rock rose is a dwarf shrub, the plant height of 30 to 100, rarely up to 150 centimeters reached. The leaves measure 15 to 25 (50 ) x 8-15 (30 ) mm, are elliptical, gray-green and pinnately. Nerves are pressed at the top. The sepals are ovate-lanceolate shaped and acuminate. The crown is colored purpurlich - red or dark pink. The pens are filiform and have the same length as the stamens.

The flowering period extends from December to June.


The Cretan rock rose comes in the Mediterranean in open forests, maquis and Phrygana at altitudes 0-1200 meters in front.


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