Cistus salviifolius

Sage- Rockrose (Cistus salviifolius )

The Sage- Rockrose (Cistus salviifolius ) is a plant of the genus Cistus (Cistus ) in the family of rockrose ( Cistaceae ).


The aromatic scented, mostly evergreen shrub reaches heights of growth from 30 to 100 cm. In contrast to Montpellier cistus this is not glandular - sticky. The up to 4 cm long and 2 cm wide, stalked leaves are arranged from ovoid to elliptical in shape, and opposite sides. They are hairy on both sides, the top is wrinkled.

The long-stemmed flowers are in pairs, individually or in clusters up to fourth in the armpits of a carrier sheet. They measure about 3 to 5 cm in diameter. The five sepals are hairy and broadly ovate tomentose. The outer two are heart-shaped at the base. The five petals are white with a yellow background. Bloom time is from April to June.


The Sage- Rockrose is spread throughout the Mediterranean and reached the north sub-Alpine region. Locations are Garigues, maquis, dry rocky slopes on poor soils.