CitiCar was an American automobile brand that was produced 1974-1977 by the Sebring - Vanguard, Inc. in Sebring (Florida ). The CitiCar and its variants were the highest selling electric car in the U.S.. Sebring - Vanguard was sold to Commuter Vehicles, Inc.. This company provided similar vehicles ( the Comuta -Car and the Comuta - Van ) from 1979 to 1982 here.


The CitiCar was a small electric vehicle that was produced from 1974 onwards, Sebring Vanguard in response to the oil crisis of 1973. It was a golf cart -like vehicle, which reached a maximum speed of 63 km / h. The early models had no special equipment, such as locking doors or air conditioning. 1976 as many CitiCar were made that Sebring - Vanguard ascended to the sixth largest automaker in the U.S. to GM, Ford, Chrysler, AMC, and Checker. The production ran until 1977; Total incurred 2,300 CitiCar.

The Commuter Vehicles, Inc. purchased the plans of CitiCar and renamed the vehicle in Comuta car around. In 1979 the production of an improved version and it emerged once again about 2,000 Comuta -Car and Comuta - Van. With a total of 4,300 produced "C- cars" keeps this model the record for the best-selling street-legal electric cars in automotive history.


From CitiCar gave the three models. The coupe first made ​​was the smallest of them. It had a smooth, sloping front, a flat roof and a smooth, almost vertical rear end. Early models were driven by an electric motor with a 1.8 kW, and were equipped with a 36 volt battery pack. As of December 1974, a 2.6 kW motor and a battery pack with 48 V was installed. As of March 1975, many small improvements were made.

The later Comuta -car models were powered by a 4.4 kW motor and the batteries moved from its place under the seats to the bumpers what the car is about 400 mm longer than the 2,438 mm long made ​​CitiCar.

The largest models was CitiVan or later Comuta - Van. The vehicle length grew to 3,607 mm, it was powered by a 8.8 kW motor and had a 72- volt battery pack and a three -speed transmission. Like the other models it also offered two seats, but also had a cargo space. It was the only model with trunk and sliding doors. Many Comuta van were right hand drive and the U.S. mail were delivered.

All models had a welded tubular aluminum frame, a body made ​​of ABS, rigid axles and leaf springs front and rear. The top speed ranged from 48 km / h and 80 km / h and the range was up to 64 km.