City Centre Offices

City Centre Offices (CCO ) is a British record label for electronic music, with offices in Manchester (England ) and Berlin ( Germany ). CCO publications include music of artists Arovane, Christian Kleine, Casino Versus Japan, Dub Tractor, I'm Not a Gun, Marsen Jules, Move D and Ulrich Schnauss.


City Centre Offices was established in October 1998 by music retailers Shlom Sviri and the German musician and music journalist Thaddeus Herrmann ( De: Bug ) was founded. The distribution for Germany took over the independent sales indigo.

As the first publication appeared on 31 January 1999, limited to 500 copies 7 " occer / Silicad of Arovane. Initially it was planned to publish only 7 " records. After Sviri and Herrmann received numerous proposals for complete albums by the label musicians, they turned away from pure 7 "concept. The first album was Arovanes album Tides, which was released on 1 June 2000.

In 2006 the sub-label office was established, which places a strong focus on the genres of post-rock shoegazing and with his publications.

45 albums and over 30 singles and EPs were released until November 2009. On the sub-label office published 6 albums in the same period.



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