City of Westminster

The City of Westminster is a borough of London, which forms the western part of the city center. It is located west of the historic City of London and north of the Thames. Westminster has the municipal law for centuries and was supplemented in 1965 with the establishment of the Greater London administrative area of the city districts Metropolitan Borough of St Marylebone Metropolitan Borough of Paddington of the former County of London.

In Westminster, the seat of the British government, with the Palace of Westminster, Whitehall and the Royal Courts of Justice (Supreme Court ). In Westminster there are also the major tourist attractions of the city. The West End is the center of night life, but also home to the country club with the most famous British clubs.

The population continued in 2008, composed of 70.6 % White, 11.3 % Asian, 6.2% black and 3.3 % Chinese. The proportion of Chinese in the total population is nowhere higher than in Westminster in London.


  • Paddington
  • Pimlico
  • Queen's Park
  • St. James's
  • St. John 's Wood
  • Soho
  • Victoria
  • Westbourne Green
  • Westminster


  • Soho
  • Speakers' Corner
  • St. James 's Palace
  • St. James 's Park
  • St. Margaret 's Church
  • Trafalgar Square
  • Tyburn Shrine
  • Westminster Abbey
  • Westminster Cathedral
  • Westminster Central Hall
  • Whitehall

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