The City Runner is a tram - car type of the latest generation of Bombardier, which is made ​​entirely with the low-floor technology. Meanwhile, he is officially called Bombardier Flexity Outlook C designates and together with the - structurally very different - " Euro Tram " (Strasbourg, Milan and Porto ) marketed in the vehicle family Flexity Outlook.


The Cityrunner there are for rail networks in the track width 900 mm, 1000 mm and 1435 mm. He is consistently constructed over all axes and doors in low-floor technology. The body is riveted, and the outer skin is divided into individual units bonded together of polyester and glass, so that after a minor accident incurred no welding and painting, but the destroyed unit only needs to be re- glued. Electrical, air conditioning and electronic control are due to the low-floor design in the roof area, the driver sits in a separate cabin from the passenger compartment. The Cityrunner there is rarely without air conditioning because trap heat in the passenger compartment due to dark window and insufficient ventilation options in the summer.

Bombardier manufactures the trams in Vienna, Bruges and Bautzen, the City Runner was first used in March 2001 in Graz. After its introduction, the vehicle underwent a slight revision in the chassis. Meanwhile, there is the City Runner in Augsburg, Brussels, Eskişehir, Geneva, Innsbruck, Linz, Łódź and Marseille. The final production, in particular the installation of axles, engines and brakes done partially in the transport services itself

The vehicle has a length of up to 42 meters, can accommodate up to 237 passengers, weighs nearly 40 tons and has a top speed of 70 km / h There are also shorter Cityrunner with 27.6, 29.5 or 32.5 meters for a maximum of 158 and 204 passengers. It is driven rail vehicle with AC motors and an operating voltage of 600 or 750 volts, nominal power is 600 kW and it has a max. Braking power at 1800 kW. The traction and control equipment originally built by ELIN EBG, now Bombardier Mannheim.


Criticism of the construction there was an accident in Linz in August 2004, at the City Runner 002 derailed after a collision with a small car ( side impact in the area of ​​the cab ) and thus a woman was killed in the bus stop area. It is believed that the high center of gravity of the vehicle through low-floor and low gauge in Linz can (900 mm) lead to a leverage effect in a lateral impact at the front and favors the derailment. In 2011 occurred in Graz for cracks on the chassis that could be repaired within a few days, however.


City Runner in Innsbruck

City Runner in Linz

Cityrunner from Linz - Interior

City Runner in Łódź (Poland )

Cityrunner for Marseille in Vienna during commissioning at the test track of the Wiener Linien

City Runner in Alicante

City Runner in Alicante - Interior

City Runner in Brussels

City Runner in Europe