Ciudad del Este

Ciudad del Este on the map of Paraguay

Ciudad del Este (English: City of the East ) is the second largest city in Paraguay and capital of Alto Paraná departments. Due to its strategic location in the tri-border region between Argentina, Brazil and Paraguay, the Triple Frontier, it is a shopping and commercial center. The population is 320,782 (as of 2008 ).


The city was founded in 1957 under the name Puerto Flor de Lis on the Paraná on the border with Brazil. Later it was renamed after Alfredo Stroessner in Puerto Presidente Stroessner, after Stroessner fall (1989 ) she received the present name. The construction of the Itaipu Dam, the city grew rapidly. The bridge over the river leading Puente de la Amistad / Ponte da Amizade ( Friendship Bridge in Spanish / Portuguese ) connects Ciudad del Este Foz do Iguaçu in Brazil.


The center of town is dominated by trade and has an outpatient because of the many stalls dealer the character of a bazaar. Only a portion of this trade is legal, however, a large part based on the contraband with neighboring countries Argentina and Brazil. Also a lot of fake brand products are sold.


About 20 km west of the city, in the district Minga guazú, the international Aeropuerto Internacional Airport is Guaraní ( IATA code AGT, ICAO code SGES ).

The 193 km long Ruta 7 to Coronel Oviedo and in the further course of the Ruta 2 connects Ciudad del Este, with its capital Asunción.

With the bridge Puente de la Amistad over the Paraná, the city is connected with the Brazilian Foz do Iguaçu. From there, there is a bridge link across the Rio Iguazú in Argentina Puerto Iguazu.


The novel " The giggles of the general" Gisbert Haefs plays large part in Ciudad del Este and has an excellent knowledge of the city and life there.

Also, the NCIS episode " Blue like cobalt " plays a part there. In addition, the city is in the movie " Miami Vice" before as a venue.

Sons and daughters of the town

  • Axel Bachmann ( * 1989), chess grandmaster


Puente de la Amistad

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