Ciugud ( German Schenkendorfstraße, Hungarian Maroscsüged or Csüged ) is a town in Alba county in Transylvania, Romania.

Geographical location

Ciugud lies on the western edge of the Zekesch highlands ( Podişul Secaşelor ) in the southwest of the Transylvanian Basin, in the broad valley of the Mures ( Mures ) on its left side. The county capital Alba Iulia is located approximately 9 kilometers northwest (about 6 kilometers distance) away. With its five eingemeindeten villages, stretches the church in one of meadows - near the Mureş - and hills dominated landscape on a total area of ​​4376.98 hectares of. 2023 hectares of the total area used for agriculture, 1136 for livestock, 23 acres of orchards and vineyards; 159 hectares are forests.


On the territory of the municipality there are several protected archaeological site. In the area of ​​Bentonitförderstätte in Ciugud, finds were dated back to the Neolithic period. In the area of ​​eingemeindeten place Hăpria, called in by the locals Vadul Bălgradului, remains have been found of dwellings from the Roman period and in the area of the place Teleac, with locals Gruşeţ - called hârburi, findings were that the Hallstatt period have been assigned, made ​​. Since 1987 - the start of the promotion of bentonite - the archaeological finds were brought to the National Museum of Alba Iulia. The work at the mine site, more than 80 % of the archaeological site were destroyed.

Ciugud was first mentioned in 1264 in lists of the Catholic Diocese of Oradea. The inhabitants of the villages were serfs of the Roman Catholic monastery of Alba Iulia, in Transylvania to 1852 serfdom was abolished in the Middle Ages.


The population of the greater community was as follows:

The highest population of the Common Ciugud ( 4579 ) was registered in 1941, of which the village Drâmbar ( Brunn village) 1,227 (excluding Romanians ). The highest number of Germans ( 7) was determined in 1900, six of them in eingemeindeten village Limba ( Demeter Bach) the 1958 to 2004 bore the name " Dumbrava ".

2002, the population of the municipality Ciugud 2,664, of whom 2,643 Romanians, Magyars, ten, five and five Roma were Ukrainians.


  • The Romanian Orthodox Church
  • In the center of Ciugud in 1968 inaugurated, 7 -meter high monument in honor of the Romanian heroes of the First and Second World Wars.
  • In eingemeindeten village Drâmbar the wooden church Joachim şi Ana.