Civaux Nuclear Power Plant


Active reactors ( gross ):

The nuclear power plant Civaux is the French city Civaux in the Poitou-Charentes region in the department of Vienne. The nuclear power plant, which consists of two pressurized water reactors located 34 kilometers south-east of Poitiers on the left bank of the Vienne.

Key data

In the nuclear power plant complex comprehensive 220 ​​acres about 700 people are employed. Operator is the French company Electricité de France (EDF). The cooling of the reactor units is performed with two cooling towers and the Vienne water withdrawn.

The two pressurized water reactors of the type N4 are the most advanced pressurized water reactors of her generation, and provided the basis for the development of the European Pressurized Water Reactor (EPR ) represents the reactors with a net power output of 1495 megawatts ( MW) and a gross capacity of 1561 MW, the most powerful reactor units the world. The total installed capacity is 3122 MW, making the nuclear power plant is one of the medium in France. The turbines used are the most advanced of all nuclear power plants in France. Each year, the plant feeds an average of 18 billion kilowatt hours into the public power grid.

The two cooling towers of the nuclear power station are 180 meters above sea level the highest cooling towers in France.

Construction of the first reactor block was on 1 October 1988, he went on December 24, 1997. With the building of the second reactor block was begun on 30 April 1991, it was completed on 24 December 1999. Block 1 was first critically on 29 November 1997 the Unit 2 on 27 November 1999. Shutdown of the reactors is planned for the years 2037 and 2039.


On 12 May 1998, came to a nuclear incident, in which in a cooling circuit of the first reactor occurred a 18 centimeters long and 2.5 centimeters wide crack. Through this crack occurred, according to authorities statements per hour 30 m³ water. The leak was located only after almost 10 hours and the leaking water cycle be shut off. Cooling to repair the leak could be ensured with the second water circuit. The disorder is classified by the French nuclear regulator ASN with the step 2 on the International Nuclear Event Scale Rating (INES ).

Data of the reactor units

The nuclear power plant Civaux has a total of two blocks: