• Ivan Rassimov: Cjamango (as Sean Todd )
  • Hélène Chanel: Perla Hernandez
  • Mickey Hargitay: Clinton
  • Livio Lorenzon: Don Pablo
  • Piero Lulli: El Tigre
  • Giusva Fioravanti: Manuel Hernandez
  • Ignazio Spalla: Mexican player (as Pedro Sanchez )
  • Gino Buzzanca: Hernandez (as Bill Jackson)
  • Nino Musco: Sancho
  • Ivan G. Scratuglia: Harry

Django - crosses in the bloody sand is a 1967 spaghetti western incurred by Edoardo Mulargia, with the Cjamango - so the original title - a hero presented, which was provided by the German distribution in the Django series. German premiere was on May 23, 1969.


Cjamango win at poker with a Mexican bandit a bag of gold, but can not look forward to long and hard as he is attacked by the gangs of El Tigres and Don Pablo's. He is seriously injured and nursed back to health by Perla and her little brother Manuel. Meanwhile, the bandits fighting each other to secure the gold for themselves.

After Cjamango is healthy again, he takes to track down the criminals and bring them to continue to be off each other. A black-clad whiskey salesman named Clinton intervenes in the events and plays an opaque role until he in which he arises after the final battle against the remaining bandits on the Cjamangos page, as Pinkerton Detective is visible.


"The film is cool, made ​​mannerly and works on straight way to a satisfying finale ," writes Christian Kessler, who called in the German version aimed at non-stop puns synchronization as something inappropriate " chatter ".

" Only moderately exciting, with some brutality and at times sentimental. "

" Powerless and without any originality, the film works slow progress and indicates one of its numerous predecessors forth expected situation after another " Western all'italiana " typical. "


Arnold Marquis Piero Lulli lends his voice.


In 1970, the, also known as Los rebeldes de Arizona episode film Adios Cjamango.