Miodrag Petrović, nicknamed Čkalja ( born April 1, 1924 in Kruševac, Kingdom of Serbs, Croats and Slovenes; † 20 October 2003 in Belgrade ) was a Serbian actor and comedian.

He was one of the most popular comedians in the former Yugoslavia. He was known by his nickname " Čkalja ".

Miodrag Petrović was born in the city of Kruševac. There he attended high school, where he had his first performances in the theater group. During the Second World War he was in the culture group of the 47th Division. After the war he attended the Veterinary School in Belgrade.

In 1946 he became a member of the drama studios of Radio Beograd. In the 1950s, he appeared on television and has become increasingly popular in the following period. His films were box-office hit in the former Yugoslavia. Among his most famous works is the Kamiondžije series about two truck drivers.

2005 was erected a statue of him in front of his birthplace in Kruševac. A street in Belgrade is named after him.


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  • Died in 2003
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