CKY (video series)

CKY, also known as Camp Kill Yourself, is a series of films with Bam Margera.

They contain mainly skate videos of the band CKY (Camp Kill Yourself), a skate punk band from West Chester, Pennsylvania, in the Bam Margera plays along as a professional skater the main role.

Bam Margera, who is mainly known from Jackass, this is knee jerk reactions dar. addition, Jess Margera and the members of CKY ( Deron Miller and Chad Ginsburg ) are seen.

For these films, the MTV series Jackass emerged, but they contain more professional stunts and more skateboard scenes. Some performers from the CKY series were also seen in Jackass: Bam, Ryan Dunn, Raab Himself and Others The various activities in these films and series are often accompanied by music from CKY songs.

The film series includes, among other things, a documentary about the origin of the band CKY. It also includes, among others, the first skate video with Tony Hawk, Mike Maldonado, Arto Saari.

CKY movies

  • Landspeed presents: CKY (1999)
  • CKY2K (2000)
  • CKY 3 (2001)
  • CKY4: The Latest & Greatest (2002)