CL stands for

  • A South Korean singer CL ( singer )
  • The cath. Movement Communion and Liberation ( Communion and Liberation )
  • Crédit Lyonnais, French bank
  • Contact lens, derived from English: contact lenses
  • A traffic shortcut in Morse traffic.
  • A common abbreviation in the internet for pedophiles (English: child lover )


  • Chile, ISO 3166 country code
  • Ceylon / Sri Lanka, international car registration

Computer science:

  • Computational Linguistics, part of the field of AI research
  • CL (programming language), a programming language
  • Common Lisp programming language, dialect of the Lisp programming language
  • CL network, the computer network link systems
  • Column Address Strobe Latency, latency time of RAM chips

Distinguishing signs on license plate:

  • UK: Cardiff
  • Italy: Province of Caltanissetta
  • Moldova: Rajon Calarasi
  • Norway: Romerike in the province of Akershus
  • Romania: Calarasi county
  • Sweden: diplomatic plates for Mozambique
  • Czech Republic: Okres Ceska Lipa, German: Bohemian Leipa ( discontinued)
  • Turkey: Diplomatic Corps ( green lettering on a white background)
  • Consular Corps (white text on turquoise background)


  • Champions League, various sports competitions
  • UEFA Champions League

Traffic Engineering:

  • Chrysler CL, a car model from the 1930s
  • Mercedes -Benz CL-Class, a vehicle model
  • Lufthansa CityLine, IATA code
  • Cargo Lifter AG or its successor company CL Cargo Lifter

Cl stands for:

Cl stands for:

  • . cl, the country code top -level domain ( ccTLD) of Chile
  • The abbreviation of the unit of centilitres

Cl stands for:

  • The clarinet in scores and cast lists

C. l stands for:

  • Cum laude, academic grading, see PhD (doctoral ) # Germany

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