Claas Jaguar

Claas Jaguar is a forage harvester series of agricultural machinery manufacturer Claas in Harsewinkel.


The Claas Jaguar was introduced in 1973 with the Jaguar model 60SF, the first self -propelled forage harvester, of the 500 units were produced until 1975. In 1975 the Jaguar 70SF, which was replaced in 1978 by Jaguar 80SF. In 1984 he reached with a number of 6,800 European market share of 50%. In the same year, the 600 series has been introduced. In 1993, the Claas 800 series with the models 820, 840, 860 and 880 before. 1994 ran the 10,000 Jaguar from the tape. In 2000, the 800 series has been complemented by the Model 900. 2004 20,000 Jaguar in Harsewinkel was produced. On this occasion, 20 units of the 900 series were produced in silver finish. 2011, 30,000 machine was built.

The current 900 series is produced since 2007.