Claes Johanson

Claes Edvin Johansson (* November 4, 1884 in Hyssna, Mark; † 9 March 1949 in Gothenburg ) was a Swedish wrestler.


Claes Johansson was short in the time before and after the First World War, one of the dominant wrestler in the world in Greco- Roman style. He belonged to the Swedish sports club Örgryte IS and later moved to AK ( Athletikklubben ) Gothenburg. The Swedish Championship he won a total of eight times, 1911 for the first time and 1920 for the last time.

At international level, he was very successful, it being understood that all championships, had except the Olympic tournaments, unofficial character. They differed very often in the Austragungsmodi and in the weight class divisions.

Claes Johansson. During the Olympic Games in Stockholm in 1912 at middleweight and at the 1920 Summer Olympics in Antwerp light heavyweight Olympic champion In his third start in the Olympics, in 1924 in Paris, he had to pay tribute to his age, he was now 40 years old, and came in the heavyweight division only on the 13th Place. 1912 in London, he sat in front of the Russian Martin Klein and Alfred Asikainen the Finn, who had delivered both an eleven hour long battle by. In 1920, he took only four wins to Olympic victory due to new regulations. In the final he edged the Finns Edil Rosenqvist just on points. In Paris in 1924 he was defeated in the second round of the completely unknown Frenchman Henri Deglane and had to retire. Deglane was the sensation of the tournament, as he won his six fights and has just Edil Rosenqvist and Raymund Bado from Hungary Olympic champion.

Claes also took part in the World Championships 1913 in the Centennial Hall in Wroclaw part, but there was light heavyweight not in the top three winners, but ended up in 4th place. For this tournament victories by Claes Johansson Alfred Lindblad of Sweden and the Breslau journeyman butcher Karl Paulini are documented.

In 1913, he also launched at the European Championships in Budapest, where she won the middleweight title, inter alia, with wins over August Jokinen, Finland, Spitzer, Hungary, Conrad Aberg, Finland and Robert Oksa from Finland. These were around that Robert Oksa which until the 1960s was a Swedish national coach of the early 1930s and the Swedish wrestler led to great successes.

Claes Johansson was finally at the World Championship 1913 in Helsinki at light heavyweight at the start. But he was not in shape because he lost his 13 fights, he had to contest 12, fought only once in a draw and landed on the 14th and last place.

International success

(OS = Olympic Games, WM = World Championship, European Championship EM =, Mi = middleweight, light heavyweight Hs =, S = Heavy weight, then up to 75 kg, 82.5 and 83 kg, and 82.5 and 83 kg body weight)

Swedish Championships

Claes Johansson won the Swedish championship in the light heavyweight division in 1911, 1914, 1915, 1916, 1917, 1919 and 1920 and in the middleweight division in 1918.


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