Clan MacDougall

MacDougall is the name of a Scottish clan which has its headquarters north of Oban in Argyll and its progenitor Dougall, or Dugald, is a son of King Somerled of the Isles.


The MacDougall, Robert the Bruce presented contrary, when he claimed the kingship of Scotland for himself, and made ​​an assassination attempt, but in which three members of their own clan were killed. The rivalry with the Bruce went on until Ewan, the 5th chief, one of the granddaughters of Bruce married. However, Ewan left no heirs, and so the Stewarts took over from Durrisdeer and Innermeath the possessions of the clan domicile in Lorn. 1457 were the lands of Dunollie to a MacDougall, where since then is the seat of the clan. To participate in the First Jacobite Rising of 1715 Jacobite side of their property was confiscated; after they had fought in 1745 at the Second Revolt on the victorious side of the king, they were given back their land. The motto of the clan is Buaidh no bas ( "Victory or Death ").


Coat of arms of MacDougall of MacDougall


MacDougall Tartan