Clarence D. Martin

Clarence Daniel Martin ( born June 29, 1887 in Cheney, Spokane County, Washington; † August 11, 1955 ibid ) an American politician and from 1933 to 1941 was the eleventh Governor of the State of Washington.

Early years and political rise

Clarence Martin grew up in Cheney and then studied until 1906 at the University of Washington. He then worked in company with his father, the grain mills operation. After the death of his father he took over management of the company. Since 1928, Martin was mayor of Cheney. In 1932 he was elected as a candidate of the Democratic Party with 57:34 percent of the vote against Republican John Arthur Gellatly to the new governor of Washington. The outcome of this election was the national trend, which earned victories the Democrats almost everywhere in the United States. The highlight of this development was the election of Franklin D. Roosevelt as U.S. president.

Governor of Washington

Martin took up his new post on January 9, 1933. After a re-election in 1936, he could remain in office until January 13, 1941. During this time could be the great economic crisis, which had provided the early 1930s, not only in Washington state for large problems to be overcome. The country also benefited from the New Deal policies of President. But Martin also took their own efforts to solve the economic problems. It work measures were under way to reduce unemployment. At the beginning of Martin's tenure, the unemployment rate was still at 25 percent. For this reason the construction of dams and bridges was initiated. The governor directed the logistical implementation of the measures a Planning Council. In addition, a program of emergency assistance to the most affected by the crisis was launched. Through the success of his measures, the governor at the population was quite popular.

Further CV

After the end of his governorship in January 1941, he returned to his hometown Cheney, where he was active in the mill business again. He was also on the board of Seattle First National Bank. Clarence Martin died in August 1955. He was married to Margaret Mulligan, with whom he had three children.