Clarence Kingsbury

Clarence Brickwood Kingsbury ( born November 3, 1882 in Portsmouth, † March 4, 1949 ) was a British racing driver and two -time Olympic champion.

At the Olympic Summer Games in London in 1908 he won the gold medal in the 20 km, beating his compatriot Benjamin Jones by inches. With the British team, he also won in the Team Pursuit.

He finished the 5 km race in fifth and was eliminated over 660 yards in the semifinals. In the sprint race over 1,000 meters, he qualified for the finals. There, however, the time limit of 105 seconds exceeded. The race was therefore not counted and no medals were awarded.

His two daughters, Leoni and Thelma, the two leading British badminton players of the thirties were. Between 1932 and 1938 they both won two All- England singles titles and five doubles titles together. However, they each played with different partners, as they do not like to play together.