Claris was a wholly owned subsidiary of the California computer manufacturer Apple, headquartered in Santa Clara.

Claris was disbanded in early 1998. The FileMaker Pro program was based on the newly established company FileMaker, Inc. FileMaker also from the HTML program Claris was continued homepage.

Products of Claris were:

  • ClarisCAD, a CAD program
  • Claris MacDraw, a drawing program
  • FileMaker, FileMaker Pro later, the dominant database program on the Macintosh platform
  • Claris Home Page, an HTML editor
  • Claris Impact, a presentation program
  • Claris MacWrite Pro, a word processing
  • Claris Organizer, a personal information manager
  • Claris Resolve, a spreadsheet
  • ClarisWorks, an office package, which was later continued by Apple as AppleWorks
  • Claris MacPaint, an image editing program
  • Apple
  • Former software manufacturer
  • Company (Silicon Valley)
  • Santa Clara (California )