Class (locomotive)

As a series, each group of rail vehicles are referred to in railways, which were technically manufactured in the same way and distinguishable from other series. A similar and in some cases also synonymously used term is given by genus. Especially in English-speaking countries the term is used class ( class).

The designation of rail vehicles in Europe is done by their operators mainly by specifying a series and a serial number.


In Germany there are newly created series since the introduction of the series scheme of the Deutsche Reichsbahn built each made nearly identical and interchangeable usable vehicles. The existing locomotives of the former state railways were summarized in this scheme by common wheel arrangement characteristics and use in their own series. It occasionally constructive greatly different types of locomotives of various regional railways were classified into common series. Within these series recognizable sub- series have been created at the first digits of the serial number, each of which was occupied only with vehicles of a provincial railroad type.

North America

In North America, most railway companies had until the 1960s, each have their own designation system. This system was initially transmitted on diesel locomotives. With the high degree of market dominance by EMD and General Electric, these systems were dispensable and you took the names of the locomotive builders.

The railway companies today numbered their fleet by, is being tried to provide locomotives of the same design with consecutive numbers. Add to that granted by the AAR " Reporting Marks ". Due to the technical limitation of the IT systems used only numbers can be assigned to 9999 in the area of ​​0000. Since the great railway companies have more locomotives in its inventory, as this allows system multiple reporting cord must be used.

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