Claude Lelouch

Claude Lelouch [ klod ləluʃ ] ( born October 30, 1937 in Paris ) is a French film director, cinematographer, screenwriter, producer and actor. His trademarks are emphasized aesthetic camera settings.


Lelouch, son of a Jewish bespoke tailor, described himself as a " cinema journalist " when he turned the mid-1950s first short documentary. In 1960 he founded the production company " Les Films 13", with whom he made ​​over 200 " Scopiotones " - short musical films for use in jukeboxes. In the same year, he also shot the first of his numerous feature films in which he mostly told stories of love, farewells and disappointments; referred to by some as old-fashioned romances, other critics saw subtextuelle meanings in its most simple, staged with warmth stories.

His first international success, for which he received an Academy Award in 1967 for best original screenplay, the film was a man and a woman. A second nomination for this he was awarded Best Director and won him the Cannes Film Festival in 1966. Later Oscar nomination for screenplay 1975 he received a lifetime for the film.

Lelouch was married three times, most recently by the Italian actress Alessandra Martines, from whom he separated in 2009. He is the father of seven children.


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Bibliography (selection)

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