Claude Pinoteau

Claude Pinoteau ( born May 25, 1925 in Boulogne- Billancourt, † 5 October 2012 in Neuilly -sur -Seine ) was a French screenwriter and film director. His greatest commercial success was the teenager movie La Boum - Die Fete with over 4.3 million moviegoers.


His father Lucien Pinoteau was production manager at Pathé. Pinoteau started his film career in 1941 as a prop in the film, assisted from 1949 directors such as Jean Cocteau, René Clément, Jean -Pierre Melville, Max Ophuls and René Clair, before moving to 20-year assistantship in 1973 his first film, I - Number one, with Lino Ventura was staged in the lead role. For his second film, the slap, one of the first films that Isabelle Adjani became known, he was awarded the Louis- Delluc price. From the late 1960s he also also wrote film scenarios.

In the 1980s Pinoteau was also in Germany by the films La Boum - Die Fete and La Boum 2 - Die Fete continues with Sophie Marceau, Claude Brasseur and Brigitte Fossey in the lead roles known.

Claude Pinoteau was the younger brother of Jack Pinoteau, the director was also. He died on 5 October 2012 at the age of 87 in Neuilly -sur -Seine.