Claude Poullart des Places

Claude -François Poullart des Places (* February 26, 1679 in Rennes, † October 2, 1709 in Paris) was a Roman Catholic priest and founder of the Order of the Holy Ghost.


Poullart Claude des Places was born into a French aristocratic family; his father François des Places was President of the Parliament of Brittany. He graduated from the age of 21 at the time the most important law school in France, the University of Nantes, his examination in law. Shortly thereafter, he began to study theology at the Jesuit Collège de Paris, now Lycée Louis- le -Grand. With his funds he supports destitute students of theology. For this engagement he founded in 1703 the "Seminar by the Holy Spirit ," which 12 men joined. 1707 received Poullart Claude des Places ordination. He died two years later at the Europe-wide famine. From the " Seminar by the Holy Spirit ", the Missionary Society developed by the Holy Spirit under the protection of the Immaculate Heart of Mary (Latin: Congregation of Sancti Spiritus - CSSp ) that one of the major missionary societies were as Holy Ghost.