Claudia Beni

Claudia Beni (born 30 May 1986 as Pobri, SR Croatia, SFR Yugoslavia), better known as Claudia, is a Croatian pop singer with Russian and Croatian roots.


At first, Claudia was a member of the Croatian band Kid ( the band released three albums, which are composed solely in Croatia which has sold over 30,000 ), with which it has enjoyed success in Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro and Slovenia.

With the dissolution of the band Claudia launched a solo career and in the second quarter of 2002 released her first solo album Claudia. With songs such as Tako Hrabar da me ostaviš (German: So brave of you leaving me ) ( award at Split Festival 2001), Ili ona ili ja ( Eng.: you or I ) ( Zagrebfest 2001) and Led (Eng.: Ice ) (Hrvatski Radijski Festival 2002 ) made ​​the young singer in Croatia attention.

Their debut album, Claudia of style pop sold in Croatia over 10,000 times and was thus awarded silver.

The final breakthrough as a singer managed Beni, however, as they Croatia at 48 Euro Vision Song Contest 2003 with the song Više Nizam tvoja ( I can not be your lover ) (English: I am no longer your ) represented. She reached the 15th place.

After that, the singer changed her record company by Hit Records to Menart Records. In addition, Claudia began with the recording of their second album Čista kao Suza, which appeared in the first quarter of 2004. From Beni's second studio album was particularly the song U noći punog mjeseca (English: On the night of the full moon ) in Croatia a hit.

2006 Claudia Beni applied again for the Euro Vision Song Contest with the Croatian preliminary decision, the Dora. She was with her song " Samo ti mi ostani ": however (German only you Stay with me) unconvincing and failed in the preliminary round.

End of 2006 the singer went back into the studio to work on songs for a third studio album. After Benis record company the album initially announced in mid-2007, the publication was postponed for unknown reasons and later canceled.



  • 2002: Claudia
  • 2004: Čista kao Suza (German: clean as a tear )


Note: In Croatia, it is rather unusual to publish Maxi - CDs. Here listed songs with an accompanying music video are therefore for promotion of each album and was released as a radio single

From Claudia:

  • Led (English: Ice cream )
  • Tako Hrabar da me ostaviš (German: So brave of you leave me )
  • Ili ona ili ja ( Eng.: you or I )
  • [ Hrvatice vas vole ² ( Eng.: The Kroatinen love you ) ]
  • Više Nizam tvoja ³ (Eng.: I am no longer your )

From Čista kao Suza:

  • Bolesna (German: sick )
  • U noći punog mjeseca (English: On the night of the full moon )
  • Kada ne Ljubiš me (English: If you do not kiss me)
  • Čista kao Suza (German: clean as a tear )
  • Since si Barem ovdje ( Eng.: If you were here at least )

From Dora 2006 ( album for the Croatian preliminary round ):

  • Samo ti mi ostani (German: Stay only you with me)


  • ² With Ivana Banfić - song for the 2002 FIFA World Cup in Japan
  • ³ winning song at the Dora 2003 ( Croatian preselection for the Euro Vision Song Contest)