Claudio Scajola

Claudio Scajola ( born January 15, 1948 in Imperia ) is an Italian politician of the Popolo della Libertà. In Silvio Berlusconi's second and third Cabinet he was Italian Minister of the Interior (2001-2002), Special Minister for the implementation of the Government Programme (2003-2005) and Minister of economic productivity (2005-2006). From May 2008 to May 2010 he served as Minister of Economic Development Member in the fourth cabinet of Berlusconi.

Political career

Scaiola studied law at the University of Genoa, but abandoned his studies early and worked in public administration, in leading positions at the National Insurance Institute for municipal employees ( INADEL ), later in the hospital management of Costarainera and the local health authority ( USL ) of Imperia.

Since his early youth he was active in the youth wing of the Christian Democrats ranging in their national leadership level. In 1980 he was elected to the city council of Imperia and 1982 the mayor of the city, had his office but only because of serious discrepancies in the award of contracts and ongoing investigations leave a year later against him. After his acquittal he came again in 1990 in the office of mayor of his hometown, in 1995 but not more re-elected.

In 1995, he joined Berlusconi's Forza Italia and was the coordinator in the province of Imperia. He was first elected in the home constituency for his party in the Chamber of Deputies in 1996. Berlusconi commissioned the development of a free party statute and the organizational structure of the national leadership structure of the Forza Italia. At the first party, he was promoted to the national coordinator of the party in 1998.

In his brief tenure as Italian Minister of the Interior ( June 2001-July 2002 ) to host the G8 Summit in Genoa (July 2001) and the associated responsibility for the harsh police action and the tragic riots fell. The murder of Marco Biagi, an expert of the Berlusconi government, as a result of the multiple had urged, but did not ensure personal safety for Biagi, led on 3 July 2002 to Scajolas resignation.

Before he was appointed in August 2003 as Minister for the implementation of the government program back into the cabinet, Scaiola mainly worked as a campaign manager of his party in the 2002 local elections. With the change of government in April 2005, he was entrusted with the ministry of economic production ( Attività Produttive ), which he directed until the change of government in May 2006.

As a re- elected member of Forza Italia, he took over on 11 July 2006 the chair of the parliamentary committee responsible for supervising intelligence agencies ( Copaco ). After Berlusconi's election victory in the parliamentary elections on 13 and 14 April 2008 he was appointed on 8 May for the Minister of Economic Development.

After a corruption scandal he resigned on 4 May 2010.