Claus Bantzer

Claus Bantzer ( born October 10, 1942 in Marburg ) is a German church musician, composer and conductor.

Life and work

Bantzer Claus was born in 1942 in Marburg in a family of artists ( both father and grandfather were painters Carl Bantzer ). His older brother Christoph Bantzer is a film actor.

Bantzer began his study of piano, organ and conducting at the Academy of Music in Frankfurt am Main. He continued his studies at the Hochschule für Musik in Hamburg, where he was organ student of Heinz Wunderlich. At the same time he was his assistant at St. Jacobi.

From 1975 to 2008 he was organist Bantzer, later church music director at St. John Harvestehude in Hamburg, where he led, inter alia, the church choir of St. John and 1999, the number of crossings Music - founded interwoven music. This provides various art forms (dance, painting, literature or film) were associated with improvisations by Bantzer. On the series, among other things, the choreographer John Neumeier and the writer Hamid Skif were involved. He referred also jazz musicians such as Leszek Zadlo or Warnfried Altmann, which led to his recording. He also regularly - even after his retirement from the church service in March 2008 - which he had founded himself Harvestehuder Chamber Choir. As a conductor Bantzer works since its inception in 1986, together with the Hamburg Camerata.

As a composer of film music, he has worked particularly closely with the directors Peter Lilienthal, Doris Dorrie, Jan Schütte and Tevfik Baser.

Composed film music

  • Cherry Blossoms - Hanami (2008)
  • In view of the Forests ( 1996)
  • Wasserman - The Singing Dogs ( 1995) ( TV)
  • Goodbye America (1994 )
  • Farewell, stranger (1991 )
  • After Patagonia ( 1991)
  • Winckelmann Travel (1990 )
  • Farewell to the false paradise (1989 )
  • The cyclist from San Cristóbal (1988 )
  • When, if not now (1987) ( TV)
  • Drachenfutter (1987 )
  • The silence of the poet (1987 )
  • Adrian and the Romans ( 1987)
  • Paradise ( 1986)
  • 40 sqm Germany (1986 )
  • Men (1985 )
  • Inside the Whale (1985 )
  • The venture of Arnold Janssen ( 1983)
  • Dear Mr. Wonderful (1982 )
  • Birth of the Witch (1980 )
  • La Insurreccion (1980 )

Other compositions - selection

  • Time before - time after, composed together with ElbtonalPercussion member Stephan Krause for strings and percussion (2007)
  • Love is nothing, they grow because supremely, composition for solo viola, chamber choir and percussion ensemble on a text by Paul Valéry (2002)
  • Do your mouth for the dumb, jazz cantata, first performed by the choir of the North German Radio (1993 )
  • Missa Popularis / jazz show, which premiered at the NDR Jazz Workshop on 27 November 1980

Works on CD - Selection

  • Claus Bantzer: Missa, jazz show, a live recording from 16 June 2001, management Claus Bantzer Arte Nova (Sony BMG ) 2001.
  • It is a ship loaded ... Advent and Christmas music, Harvestehuder Chamber Choir, conductor Claus Bantzer, Arte Nova (Sony BMG) 2000.
  • The Song of Solomon, A collection of love songs, Harvestehuder Chamber Choir, conductor Claus Bantzer, Arte Nova (Sony BMG) 1999.
  • Samsara, Improvisations for Organ by Claus Bantzer, Arte Nova (Sony BMG) 1998.
  • Choral music of romance, Harvestehuder Chamber Choir, conductor Claus Bantzer, Arte Nova (Sony BMG) 1997.
  • Marie songs, Harvestehuder Chamber Choir, conductor Claus Bantzer, Arte Nova (Sony BMG) 1996.


  • 2007 Awarded the Biermann - Ratjen Medal
  • 2004 Member of the Free Academy of the Arts in Hamburg in the Music Section
  • He was honored with the Hamburg Max Brauer Prize 2001
  • 1994 Prix de la SACEM of the Jewish- Israeli Film Festival in France
  • In 1987, the German Federal Film Prize Bantzer the Film Award in the category of film music for 40 sqm Germany, Paradise and The Silence of the poet