• Vocals: Anders Friden
  • Guitar: Jesper Strömblad
  • Guitar: Björn Gelotte
  • Bass: Peter Iwers
  • Drums: Daniel Svensson

Clayman is the fifth album by the Swedish melodic death metal band In Flames. The album was released in 2000 by Nuclear Blast. Furthermore, Clayman was since 1998 the name of a South German metalcore band.


The album was recorded at Studio Fredman, directed by Frederik Nordström. The cover artwork is based on Leondardo da Vinci drawing, the Vitruvian Man.

Christopher Amott of the band Arch Enemy plays a guitar solo on the song Suburban Me

Music style

With Clayman In Flames broke with their usual style, the new songs fall more melodic and catchy than before. For the second time a synthesizer is used, which was programmed by Charlie Storm.

Title list


In 2005, the album by Nuclear Blast as so-called " deluxe edition" was re-released. In addition to the eleven tracks of the regular version, there are two bonus songs and a screen saver.

Strong and Smart was previously only available in the version for the Asian market.

Niclas Engelin • Anders Fridén Björn Gelotte • • • Peter Iwers Daniel Svensson

Henrik Forss • Unlike Iwers • Anders Johan Larsson Jivarp • • • Glenn Ljungstrom Carl Näslund • Mikael Stanne • Jesper Strömblad

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8 Songs

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  • Album ( Melodic Death Metal )
  • Album 2000
  • In Flames album