Clearing house (finance)

A clearinghouse (English Clearing House) or a clearing company is a company or an institution, which is responsible for the clearing and settlement of securities transactions in the financial sector and usually also takes on the role of the central securities depository. This clearing companies often function as a central counterparty, are handled centrally by the financial transactions between different parties.


The processing of financial transactions through a central clearing house has different reasons. Thus, this central society not only bundle different orders, thus reducing transaction costs, but also helps to minimize risk. Thus, a strong sense of risk control is operated by clearing houses. In addition, buyers and sellers remain through the work of the clearinghouse for each other anonymously.

Existing clearing houses

  • Eurex Clearing
  • European Commodity Clearing ( ECC)
  • Depository Trust and Clearing Corporation ( DTCC)
  • LCH.Clearnet
  • Euro Clear
  • European Multilateral Clearing Facility ( EMCF )
  • SIX x-clear
  • Italian Stock Exchange ( Cassa di compensazione e Garanzia )
  • ICE Clear Europe, the European clearing house of the Intercontinental Exchange
  • Bclear, the clearing house of the European NYSE Euro Next