The name of Cleisthenes of Athens ( German stressed on the first syllable: ' Klëisthenes; Greek: Κλεισθένης = Kleisthénēs, * in 570 BC; † after 507 BC) is inseparably connected to the 508/507 BC. conducted Cleisthenes reforms that are considered in historical research as a milestone on the road to Athenian democracy.

Cleisthenes came from the family of Alcmaeonids and has probably been under the tyrant Hippias in 525/24 BC Archon. The Alcmaeonids among the Eupatridai, the influential Athenian nobility, and were thus potential rivals of Peisistratids - tyranny. Perhaps soon after his archonship left Cleisthenes with the Alcmaeonids Athens to mobilize from outside against the Pesistratiden. Through our donations to the oracle of Delphi, which served the structural configuration, the local priesthood was taken against the Athenian tyrant regime. By appropriate oracles, the Spartans were obtained for plans for a fall of Peisistratids, the Cleomenes I. with the expulsion of Hippias 510 BC finally resulted.

Now Cleisthenes and the Alcmaeonids from exile returned to Athens. The 508/507 BC, reigning as Archon Isagoras became the opponent of the aiming on a profound reform of Cleisthenes. After intervention by the Spartan king Cleomenes I. in favor of Isagoras left Cleisthenes and his political companions Athens again, but could come back soon, because the Council on now applied as a representative part of the citizenry against Isagoras and be numerically small Spartan supporters Corps. Cleisthenes was thus finally the opportunity to arrange the political structures of the Athenian polis fundamentally restructured by an incisive work of reform, and in a way that caused a mixing of citizenship and made ​​him for Herodotus to Democracy founder.

It is not clear whether the later introduction of ostracism back to Cleisthenes, which seems to be consistent with its committed approach to reform and the isonomy which is attributed to him by the Athenaion Politeia. The fate of Cleisthenes beyond its reform work mention the traditional sources.

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  • Born in the 6th century BC
  • Died in the 6th century BC
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