Clemens Meyer

Clemens Meyer ( born October 3, 1977 in Halle an der Saale ) is a German writer.

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Life and work

Meyer grew up in the working-class district of Leipzig -Ost. He is a grandson of the artist Otto and Gertraud Möhwald. The son of a nurse and a health education nurse came through the extensive library of his father on the Fiction. After high school, Meyer took a job as a construction worker, among others, from 1998 to 2003, he studied at the German Literature Institute in Leipzig, interrupted by a stay in the youth detention center time grove. His studies he financed as a security guard, movers and forklift driver, scholarships enabled him to work on his first novel. While searching for a publisher, he also lived for a time on welfare. Meanwhile, he can live on his books and author readings. On the side he is a lecturer at the Leipzig Institute of Literature and columnist at the MDR.

The adaptation of his narrative band The night the lights came in March 2010 at the Leipzig Central Theater, directed by Sascha Hawemann premiered. Also in March 2010 appeared Meyers third book " powers". A diary. On August 22, 2013, his novel came out in the rock, which is in -depth, sophisticated environmental studies from today's red light commercial. For his performances, he was told by the feminist magazine Emma the " Pasha of the month".

2012 filmed the Leipzig filmmaker Thomas Stuber From dogs and horses, a short story Clemens Meyer. The short film won the Silver Student Academy Award ( Student Academy Award) for best foreign short film. Together with Stuber Clemens Meyer wrote the screenplay for the feature film Herbert, which was nominated for the German Screenplay Award. The film is currently being filmed by Stuber. Meyer's first novel When we dreamed is filmed by director Andreas Dresen.

Together with the master students of the School of Visual Arts ( Leipzig) and today's gallery Uwe- Karsten Günther Meyer works under the pseudonym Günther Meyer as a visual artist. In the Museum of Fine Arts (Leipzig) Günther Meyer was part of the exhibition creator of the world - represented Richard Wagner Max Klinger Karl May from May 15 to September 15, 2013 with a large, complex space installation. His passion is in addition to the literature the gallop horse racing.

The writer is married and lives in Leipzig.


  • When we were dreaming. Novel. S. Fischer, Frankfurt am Main 2006, ISBN 3-10-048600-5.
  • The night the lights. Stories. S. Fischer, Frankfurt am Main 2008, ISBN 978-3-10-048601-1.
  • Powers. A diary. S. Fischer, Frankfurt am Main 2010, ISBN 978-3-10-048603-5.
  • Amy Hempel, Jim Shepard: at your feet: poems of dogs. From the American Clemens Meyer. Rogner & Bernhard in Two Thousand One, Berlin 2010, ISBN 978-3-8077-1067-9.
  • In the stone. Novel. S. Fischer, Frankfurt am Main, 2013, ISBN 978-3-10-048602-8.
  • Return in the night. Narrative. Connewitzer Verlagsbuchhandlung, Leipzig, 2013, ISBN 978-3-937799-63-6.

Stage play

  • Sirk the East - The dream of Hollywood. together with Sascha Hawemann; UA: 2011 Central Theatre, Leipzig


  • 2014 Nominated for the German Screenplay Award in 2014 with Herbert
  • 2014 Bremen Literature Prize
  • 2013 finalist at the German Book Prize ( shortlist ) with the stone
  • 2010 Literature Prize of the Steel Foundation Eisenhüttenstadt
  • 2009 DAYS WORK Scholarship of Guntram and Irene Rinke Foundation
  • 2008 Prize of the Leipzig Book Fair
  • 2007 Award for the Lessing Prize of the Free State of Saxony, Clemens Brentano Prize, Maerkisches scholarship for literature
  • 2006 Rheingau Literature Prize, Mara Cassens Prize
  • 2002 literature fellowship from the Saxon Ministry of Science and Art
  • 2001 MDR Literature Prize


From Meyer

"Literature has always been mine, even if I did not go the traditional route. When I attended some trials and tribulations, I have the biographies of American writers saw before me: Jack London and Hemingway and Fitzgerald with their debauchery. That calmed me down, and I said to myself: If you ' s now time rumkrebst bit in the gutter, you can still be a good writer. And I would not be who I am today if I had not grown up. In this neighborhood, among my friends As a child of the street, as they say pathetic. Since I have the Stylistic helped shape me as a writer, learned. I am familiar with the pals from the pub as a storyteller. "

" Anyway is a weird club, the LCB ( Literary Colloquium Berlin). Günter Grass get millions if he reads here, I do not even get a taxi paid for! "

At Meyer

2006 las Meyer at the competition 30 Ingeborg Bachmann Prize the text trip to the river.

"His text about a boxer and his fellow sufferers in prison was first class. The best text this year. In Meyer puts a lot of literary potential, the classic short-story American model he perfectly mastered. Too perfect for the jury, took off his hat, but discovered too much sentimentality and Meyer had undeservedly away empty. "

"You report to him too lightly, it was mainly his unusually authentic background knowledge with which he generating attention. It is Meyer, you must hold in all clarity, an absolute expert, a sovereign stylist. It is in this respect was the prison 's history, with which he took in Klagenfurt, maybe even better, because more compact and through-composed than his novel. "

From the eulogy for Literature Scholarship Märkischen Culture Conference:

" Clemens Meyer was presented with his debut novel, When we were dreaming ' a great epic paintings of the turning point, as it was experienced by young people in the Leipzig suburban milieu: Farewell to the dreariness of the GDR, entry into a world of unbridled freedom in which the dark side dominate. Clemens Meyer describes this transitional period with authentic, hard language, and at the same time with sensitivity to the needs and the lostness of these adolescents with their dreams of a better life. "