Barcelona -El Prat, Valencia, Seville

Clickair was a Spanish low- cost airline based in Barcelona. They merged in 2009 with Vueling and was integrated in it.


The airline has commenced service on 1 October 2006 with six aircraft. Owner of Clickair was holding the Catair Lineas Aereas SL, with five companies each 20 % of the share capital. These are Cobra ( a service company in the group ACS), Iberia, the travel company Iberostar, society Nefinsa and venture capital funds Quercus Equity. The Supervisory Board of the Company consisted of ten individuals, each Founding Member shall two representatives. Clickair counted himself amongst the low cost and aspired to until the end of 2008 the fleet to 30 aircraft and the number of passengers carried expand to 10 million.

Clickair worked closely with Iberia. Some regional routes that were flown only once or twice a day, have been outsourced from Iberia to Clickair (eg Zurich - Barcelona). There were, however, also added new routes, which were not served by Iberia to the route network (eg Dubrovnik- Barcelona). Most flights from Clickair were offered by Iberia codeshare. This means that the Clickairflüge also wore an Iberia flight number and therefore appear in the reservation systems as Iberia flight.

Merger with Vueling

Mid- 2008, announced plans for a merger of Clickair the originating also from Spain Vueling. In November the same year, the European competition authorities of the merger were formally notified. In July 2009, the final step began to merge, in which Clickair has been progressively integrated into the brand Vueling, including that of marketing and the painting of the aircraft were unified. Clickair should disappear in the medium term as the outer appearance, which is the end of 2009 happened.


The home base was the airport Barcelona -El Prat. Machines were also stationed in Valencia and Seville. The objectives, among others, Lisbon, Porto, London, Rome, Milan, Geneva, Zurich, Berlin, Dubrovnik, Prague, Amsterdam, Dublin, Vienna, Bucharest and Paris were flown from Spain. In addition, flights were offered within Spain. The international flights were one to serve twice daily, within Spain up to seven times per day. Outside Europe, Tangier, Casablanca and Nador in Morocco and landed at Tel Aviv in Israel.


(As of February 2009, before completion of the merger )

  • 25 Airbus A320 -200 ( 180 seats; were partially transferred to Vueling )