Clinical chemistry

The term clinical chemistry describes the analytical monitoring of chemical parameters, which result from physiological or biochemical processes in the body. In a more narrow medical sense it is one of the branches of laboratory medicine, where she deals with pathological changes of diagnostic relevance.


In clinical chemistry are a variety of methods are used. Using inorganic electrolytes, chemicals and possibly heavy metals, can be determined. Methods of Organic Chemistry and Biochemistry serve the determination of proteins, lipids, carbohydrates including glycosylation, etc. The techniques of molecular biology, in particular the PCR in numerous variants are used to determine changes in the genetic material.

Clinical chemist

The certificate " Clinical Chemists " entitled to lead a clinical chemistry laboratory. It was launched by the German Society for Clinical Chemistry in life, which later merged with the German Society for Laboratory Medicine under the name DGKL.

The certificate can be purchased from doctors and pharmacists after the approval and of chemists, biologists and biochemists after the diploma examination. The training lasts five years, of which have at least four years serving under the guidance of a clinical chemist in a patient care laboratory take place, a year can be carried out also in other medical lab. A scientific research in analytical chemistry or biochemistry will be credited up to one year.

In recognition of at least two academic papers in a scientific journal must have been accepted by peer review or published. In addition, a final examination must be passed.

Professional societies

  • German Society for Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine
  • Professional association of scientists eV in the laboratory diagnosis
  • Procedures for recognition as a clinical chemist at DGKL

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