Clocks (song)

February 24, 2003

Clocks (English for " Clocks" ) is a song by English rock band Coldplay. It is included on their second studio album A Rush of Blood to the Head in 2002 and was released as the third single addition ( according to In My Place and The Scientist ) from the album.

The song has a characteristic piano motif, and is one of the most famous songs by Coldplay. In the German single charts, it only reached number 50, but was often played by radio stations and repeatedly used as background music for series, movies or TV programs, mostly in sad or emotional scenes.


The song clocks was written at a late stage of the production of the album A Rush of Blood to the Head. According to singer Chris Martin, the band Muse served as inspiration for the song. When this song was written, the group already had ten songs ready for the upcoming album. Since the band is initially not more, expected that the piece may publish on this album, Clocks was recorded under the name Songs for # 3 as a demo to use it for the later third album can.

However, when the album the record company was launched in June 2002, Martin was somewhat dissatisfied with the material -made song, he described it as " rubbish". Thus, the publication of the plate was moved, reworked some songs and not even a quarter before the release, the band worked in addition to the custom built demo. Phil Harvey, a friend of the singer and the manager of the group, urged to work on the later clocks, so it could be released on the second album, Coldplay's, because this already saw great potential in the song.


The song is considered a turning point in terms of the band's style. Until then, Coldplay was known more for reduced and slower music in Clocks worked with a combination of pace and synthesizer for the first time, which characterizes the subsequent album X & Y to a great extent.

Characteristic for the Clocks 4/4-time with a reef in the 3/3/2-Schema, which is the drums ( snare bass bass, bass, bass, snare, snare bass) and the piano the whole song met him. This reef is by Coldplay partially used in the songs policies, Square One, A Message and Speed ​​of Sound, which is why the latter title is perceived by many as similar clocks.


The version of Coldplay achieved chart success the following:

  • 2nd place in The Netherlands
  • 7th place in Canada
  • 9th place in the United Kingdom,
  • # 28 in Australia
  • 29th place in the U.S., U.S. Billboard Hot 100

Coldplay producer Ken Nelson and sound engineer Mark Phythian received a Grammy in 2004 for clocks as " Single of the Year ".

Cover versions

2006 song by Cuban musicians has been covered ( in part by members of the Buena Vista Social Club ) and is included on the album Rhythms del Mundo. The song has been adopted by Coldplay ( Chris Martin). The, especially Latin American, instruments have been loaded. Other cover versions were recorded in 2004 by the U.S. singer Brandy, as well as Gregorian.

Another cover appeared from String Quartet Tribute. Also published 2Cellos a cover version which appeared on their 2013 album In2ition (along with Lang Lang ).

From the Dutch DJ Ron van den Beuken was produced in 2003 under the pseudonym Clokx a trance version of the title.