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The Club Libertad is a sports club based in Asunción, capital of Paraguay. The club was founded on 30 July 1905 was in 1906 one of the founding members of the Paraguayan Football Association. Since the first title win in 1910, the club was able to win many more championships and is considered these days as the third force behind the top clubs Olimpia and Cerro Porteño.

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During the Paraguayan Revolution of 1904, in which the Liberals against the Colorado party gained the upper hand, some of the main actors came on the boat Sajonia ( "Saxons" ) from Buenos Aires to Asuncion.

In early June 1905, took a company of young people a ride on the now in Libertad ( "Freedom " ) renamed boat and developed this idea in support of a football club. The later first president of the club, Juan Manuel Sosa Escalada, Libertad supported as names. As an alternative, Paraguay was up for consideration. The official foundation was finally on 30 July of the year.

About the nickname of the club - el Gumarelo, just sometimes Guma; Fans are Gumarelos - there are two different theories. One says he is on a circa 1919/20, developed by a journalist figure Pascuale Gummarello who gave in an Italian- Spanish pidgin comments to football, go back. The other says he goes to a contraction of the names of Giummaresi and Nuzzarello, two - imaginary? - Fans back. In both cases he witnessed strong Italian influence in an earlier era of the club. These explanations are from an article in the weekly magazine El Golero, which was published on the 50th anniversary of Club Libertad.


Soon after its founding, it came to the first competitive games of the football team. In the first game in August 1905, the team reached a 1-1 draw against established since 1903 Club Olimpia. A few days there was to it with a 1-0 win over the 1904 launched Club Nacional 's first win.

In June 1906 Libertad was one of the founders of the League Paraguaya de Football Association from today's national football association Asociación Paraguaya de Fútbol emerged. The League held in the same year, the first football championship of Paraguay.

After two third places and the runner-up 1909, Libertad began in 1910 in a decision made ​​necessary game against Atlantida Sports Club 2-1 and won his first league title. In the following year, however, Libertad was only one point severed Table and rose from the first time in the second division introduced last year. Libertad but joined in 1911, which came into manifestation alternative league, the league Centenario, which from 1916 as Asociación Paraguaya de Fútbol changed its name (not to be confused with the later name of the National Association ), whose championship of the club in 1913, 1914 and 1916 won. In the latter year Libertad defeated it in a play again Atlantida.

Libertad returned in 1917 to the league Paraguaya de Fútbol back, the División Transitoria held for further return joyful associations. Libertad was first here and took from 1918 again part of the first-class game operation of the LPF. In 1920, Libertad here his second championship and also a tournament called Copa Italia, which was attended by all the top clubs.

1930 Libertad won his third title. Figurehead of the team was Delfin Benítez Cáceres, who took part in the same year with the national team at the first World Cup. He emerged from the youth of the club and played from 1932 to 1941 in Argentina, where he played for CA Boca Juniors and Racing Club and scored a total of 193 goals. He went to both the Paraguay, and the Argentine national team. 1931, dedicated Libertad, in addition to other top clubs like Club Nacional and Club Cerro Porteño, although unsuccessful, again for the introduction of a rebel league, which should bear the name Asociación Paraguaya de Fútbol again. In the last season before the Chaco War, which should provide for the suspension of the gaming operation from 1932 to 1934, Libertad was runner-up.

In the following years remained Libertad title lot, but played in the upper half of the table with. For the seasons 1938 and 1939 are equipped with Aamado Salinas, who scored 17 goals, and Teófilo Espínola notes with 28 hits, the first league scorers from the ranks of the association. ( Note: For the years before the introduction of professionalism in 1935 have survived no Paraguayan scorers. ) Until 1943 - with only one defeat this season - and 1945 Libertad was again champion. Porfirio Rolón at that time was twice top scorer in Paraguay.

In the second half of the 1940s Libertad sank but in mediocrity and often reached nurmehr places in the lower half of the table. The runner-up of 1950 announced better times. Antonio Ramón Gómez replaced the migrated to Colombia Porfirio Rolón and was top scorer in 1951 and 1952. This was in 1953, together with the Libertad players Rubén Fernández, Manuel Gavilán, and Ireneo Hermosilla player on the team that defeated in Lima in the decision-making of the South American Championship 1953 Brazil 3-2 and with it the first major international success of the national football team of Paraguay won.

A major breakthrough finally succeeded in 1955 when the team that is considered the " team of the century " by Libertad, after a runner-up in last year won the title in 1955. 1956, when the championship was decided by a finals, but was defeated Libertad against Olimpia after a 1-0 first leg in the second game with 1:5. The big players at the club was in those years Máximo " Chimo " Rolón, brother of Porfirio, the three-time series scorer was not only, but also included in the South American Championship from 1955 to the most accurate strikers.

There followed years back in mediocrity and 1964 survived Libertad just barely in the first division. After a 1:3 in the first relegation match against the second division First Sportivo Luqueño 1-0 in the second leg and another 1-0 success was made ​​necessary in the decider. Only in 1976 won Libertad after 21 years break again a championship title, although some player called attention to itself in the meantime. Sebastián Fleitas, who has already played in the first team at age 17 and 1967 Paraguay's top scorer, even a contract in Spain, where in 1972 he was with Real Madrid Masters earned.

According to the vice championship of 1977, the success of Libertad stayed away. It was followed by two less successful decades in which stood out only the runner-up in 1990 and 1992. However, were in 1979, when Paraguay won the Copa America for the second time, six players involved in the success of Libertad. Of these, Juan Carlos Espínola and Milcíades and Eugenio Morel brothers in the inventories of final matches against Chile were. Eugenio Morel was with the Chilean Jorge Peredo 's four-goal top scorer of the tournament.

1998 Libertad descended to the second division. After the resurgence of 2000, the most successful period in their history followed. Among the outstanding players of that decade belonged to Juan Samudio, who emerged from the youth of Libertad and with 116 goals, including 111 for Libertad, the historical scorer of the Paraguayan league.

International has been the greatest success of the advance in the semifinals of the Copa Libertadores in 2006, where Libertad against the eventual winners SC Internacional of Brazil according to the results of 0:0 and 0:2 was eliminated.


Libertad plays its home games at the Estadio Dr. Nicolás Leoz, also La Huerta ( German: The Orchard ) made known, in the district Tuyuca in the northeast of the capital.

It was opened in 2005 and holds 10,000 spectators, including 5,000 seats. The stadium was named after the former club president and long-time president of the South African Football Association Conmebol, Nicolás Leoz, named.

Major Players

  • Delfin Benítez Cáceres, 1930-1932 at Libertad, to 1944 's star striker, inter alia, at Boca Juniors and Racing Club in Argentina
  • Sebastián Fleitas, 1964-1968 at Libertad, League top scorer in 1967, later legionary in Europe, master with Real Madrid
  • Eugenio Morel, 1974-1979 at Libertad, top scorer in the Copa América 1979
  • Juan Torales, 1981-1991 at Libertad, 77 caps
  • Justo Villar, 2001-2004 at Libertad, footballer of the year 2004, long-time goalkeeper, three-time World Cup participants
  • Carlos Bonet, 2002-07 and 2010 , with the club; three-time World Cup participants.
  • Juan Samudio, in the 2010s at Libertad, scorer of the Paraguayan league


  • Football Championship of Paraguay: 1910, 1920, 1930, 1943, 1945, 1955, 1976, 2002, 2003, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010. Apertura / Clausura: 2008 A, 2008 C, 2010 C, 2012 C


The basketball team of Libertad is one of the top clubs in the Liga Nacional de Basquetbol and after Olimpia the most successful club in the country.


  • Liga de Baloncesto Metropolitana: 1958, 1972, 1974, 1977, 1979, 1986, 1987, 1990, 2005
  • Top 5 Profesional: 2008, 2009, 2010
  • Liga Nacional de Clubes: 2009
  • Copa de Campeones súper: 2008, 2009


  • Official website of the Association (in Spanish )

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