Club Sport Uruguay de Coronado

CS Uruguay de Coronado is a Costa Rican football club based in Coronado, San José Province, Costa Rica. The club was founded on January 3, 1936. Play their home games, the club from the Estadio Municipal El Labrador. So far, Uruguay could even win the Costa Rican championship and record champions (5 items ) of the second league.


Uruguayan club colors are yellow and black. First, the official colors of the club were red and black, but since Mitkonkurrent LD Alajuelense already used this color combination, Uruguay changed the club colors to yellow and black in honor of the club CA Peñarol of Montevideo.


Uruguay de Coronado is one of the oldest soccer clubs in Costa Rica, also one of the most popular in the province of San José. The club was founded on January 3, 1936 and named in honor of the World Champion of 1930 after the South American country of Uruguay. The club colors are in honor of the Uruguayan club CA Peñarol yellow and black ( see "General").

In 1942 Coronado master of Liga de Ascenso - Segunda División for the first time and took part in a relegation round against LD Alajuelense, where she had two of three games lost and thus further bore in the second division. 8 years later succeeded Uruguay again to be second-division champion, this time they were able to prevail in the relegation against CS La Libertad and played from the 1950 season in the Primera División de Costa Rica.

In the 1959 season, Uruguay finished last and got down to the second division, but already in the season 1960 Uruguay was back in the first division.

In the season In 1963, Uruguay to the only time in the club's history to be Costa Rican champion, which is the biggest success of the club to this day. In 1964, Coronado was officially the best Central American club.

In the following two years, many regular players left the club towards the big clubs and as a result, increased Uruguay only three yearS after winning the league title in 1967 in the second division from where they immediately tried and failed to re- ascent.

However, the joy of its chances of promotion did not last long, after only two seasons Uruguay joined again the transition to the second division, where they have been passed even up to the third tier. In 1973, she was then taken up by a decision of the Football Association again in the second division.

On the return to the first division but Uruguay still had to wait over 10 years, first in the season 1987/88 Uruguay again won the championship title of the second division and then played up to and including the season 1991/92 in La Liga.

This was followed by 20 long years in the Liga de Ascenso Segunda División, where Coronado several times very nearly missed the rise, but also one or the other just so you could avoid relegation to the third division.

After the end of the 2009/10 season the former Costa Rican national team bought Paolo Wanchope the club with the goal as quickly as possible to return to the excellence and build a good youth academy as a basis for future teams. After only two years of targeted investments a young team succeeded Wanchope with Uruguay in the 2011/12 season to be second division champions. Thus Uruguay returns after 20 years to 2012/13 season back in the Primera División.


  • Primera División de Costa Rica ( 1): 1963


Current home of the association is the municipal Estadio Municipal El Labrador, which is located in the center of Coronado canton next to the cathedral. The stadium provides through regular play space for about 4,000 spectators, the capacity can also be expanded by mobile stands for special games.