Clutter (software)

Clutter scene graph is a free program library that software developers graphical user interfaces ( GUIs) can create applications that are rendered by OpenGL.

Clutter was initially developed by OpenedHand. OpenedHand was later bought by Intel (now MeeGo netbook) to create on the basis of clutter an interface for Moblin. Meanwhile uses a number of software projects, most notably GNOME, this toolkit.


The clutter library program itself is not a component library, but only places techniques such transformations are available. To add widgets, program developers need to program it either itself or, alternatively, an existing toolkit to use with clutter. The Clutter Project provides integrations for GTK and Qt, and also develops its own toolkit called Mx.


Mx was originally written under the name Nbtk for Moblin and only subsequently expanded into a toolkit for general use. Mx offers all popular widgets for creating graphical user interfaces, but does not include functionality that goes beyond it. For the integration of web content, the Mozilla Application Framework can be used for multimedia content GStreamer.

Software that uses Clutter (selection)

  • Gnome Shell
  • Totem
  • Mother
  • Unity