Clydesdale F.C.

The Clydesdale F. C. is a former Scottish football club from the south side of Glasgow. It was founded in 1872 and was affiliated to the Clydesdale Cricket Club in the 1870s. The association also included, in addition to seven other, one of the founding teams of the Scottish Football Association.

The club played in blue and orange Dressen in Kinning Park, which was sold to a newly formed football club called Rangers, and moved in 1876, together with the Cricket Club, in the Titwood Park. With some Scottish internationals Clysdale was the only club that was the former top club Queen's Park FC offer the forehead. They arrived in 1874, the first Scottish Cup final, but they lost 2-0 against Queen 's Park.

The final team in 1874 were:

  • Goalkeepers: Robert W Gardner (5 games for the Scottish national team) captain
  • Defender: David Wotherspoon, James McArly
  • Midfielders: A. H. Raeburn, Ebenezer Hendry
  • Striker: Frederick Anderson (1 game and 1 goal for the Scottish national team), William Gibb (1 game and 1 goal for the Scottish national team), James R. Wilson, James J. Lang, John McPherson and J. Kennedy

But after that it went downhill and the club was dissolved in 1882, the Cricket Club, he still exists today and is the oldest sports club in Scotland, and the hockey team but remained. There were some attempts to revive the club as a junior team, this beat but failed.

The club should not with Clyde F. C. (founded in 1877) or Clydebank F. C. (founded in 2003) are confused.


  • Former Scottish football club
  • Sports Club (Glasgow )
  • Established in 1872