CNBC Europe

CNBC (formerly CNBC Europe ) is a business and financial news channel, which is operated by NBC Universal and headquartered in London. CNBC Europe is the European branch of the U.S. CNBC (Consumer News and Business Channel ). The program is transferred from London, England.

History of the station

CNBC Europe went on the air in March 1996. Parent company was the radio and television network NBC. In February 1998, the station merged with the European news channel of Dow Jones, European Business News ( EBN ). In July 2005, NBC Universal announced plans to acquire the stake from Dow Jones back. Since December of CNBC Europe again belongs completely to the conglomerate. Dow Jones will continue to provide program content. As part of the restructuring, the line " A Service of NBC and Dow Jones " fell away.

Presenters and Reporters

Moderators and market reporters are:

  • Simon Hobbs
  • Roland Klaus (Frankfurt)
  • Anna Martin
  • Rebecca Meehan
  • Michael Mross (Frankfurt)


CNBC Europe produces weekdays around nine hours of live program. Between 13 and 17 clock the transmitter displays the programs Squawk Box and Squawk on the Street of America. In addition, the channel assumes the formats Power Lunch and Closing Bell on CNBC U.S.. In the evening the station was for many years an abbreviated version of NBC entertainment show The Tonight Show with Jay Leno and the newscast NBC Nightly News until the Tonight Show was replaced on 1 February 2012 by Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. Since February 2014, the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon airs on weekends. The weekend programs throughout the station group to be used. For important events, the transmitter also takes on the program of the U.S. news channel MSNBC.

Daily broadcasts:

Shipments on the weekend:

  • Asia Squawk Box
  • Asia Market Week
  • Business Arabia
  • Business Russia
  • Turkey Business
  • CNBC Sports
  • Europe This Week
  • Late Night with Jimmy Fallon
  • McLaughlin Group
  • Meet The Press
  • The Wall Street Journal Report
  • World Business

More shows:

  • Change Reaction
  • Looking Forward
  • Make Green Pay
  • Questions for the Future
  • Squawk Outside the Box
  • Start Talking: Alternative Energy
  • The Business of Innovation
  • The Leaders ( weekly talk show)
  • CNBC Life - Weekend Program

Set Formats:

  • Global Players with Sabine Christiansen ( economic political talk show since 2006)
  • Power Lunch Europe


The European channels oriented in the past at the on-air design of the American version. In September 2004, CNBC Europe more Less: title sequences have been redesigned and stood out from the graphics of its sister radio station. The design of the information boards was completely renewed. The music took over the channel but still of CNBC U.S.. In September 2006, the appearance of the station was similar in design to the American channel. On new animations renounced CNBC Europe. Title sequences and sounds remained largely intact. In January 2008, the station revised his studio design and fit inserts the American and Asian model of. On March 1, 2010 changed after a few changes to the insert and background music now the complete appearance of the transmitter. In addition to a new font and completely new overlays, the new design was used in parallel in Europe and the U.S. On-Air.

Regional programs and collaborations

There is a transfer of CNBC Europe, the Nordic countries, called CNBC Nordic. The regional window has the same content as CNBC Europe, however, the current stock market data from Scandinavia are shown on the ticker.

CNBC Europe continued operates the following local stations:

  • CNBC -e is the Turkish version of CNBC. Uniquely, according to well-known business news entertainment series and movies are broadcast.
  • Class CNBC (formerly CFN - CNBC) is the Italian version of the network, operated with Class Editori and Mediaset.
  • CNBC Arabiya is the Arab version of the channel, with its headquarters in Dubai.
  • TVN CNBC Biznes is the Polish version of the transmitter.

In addition, CNBC Europe supplied to end of December 2008 the German news channel N24 several times a day updates from the Frankfurt floor and in the evening of the New York Stock Exchange.

The special case of CNBC Germany

Until the end of analogue ASTRA satellite frequency from 1 January 2008 to this time slot was ( only last the hour) aired CNBC Germany. First, the English teleshopping windows were replaced by equivalent infomercials for the German market; a short time later ran in the weekend program, as well as with NBC Europe, religious programs in German or with German subtitles.

The transmitter The Fourth took over the broadcast start the previous transponder CNBC Germany. The transponder change had to shorten the transmission time for order; instead to send as before 24 hours a day, CNBC Germany was weekdays 5-20 clock and see the weekend 5-13 clock. Because of the late night formats by Jay Leno and Conan O'Brien from 19:00 clock were broadcast until closedown at 20:00 clock in abbreviated form.

The name " CNBC Germany" was communicated primarily in video and text on the website, where there were separate program overviews. Peculiarity of this is that the CNBC - text at times, where CNBC Germany had latched in the current CNBC -Europe program was not available.

The Fourth transferred since the end of analogue satellite frequency of CNBC Germany weekdays 5-10 clock CNBC 's pan-European program across all distribution channels (see the article at NBC Europe ). At the beginning of 2011, this service was restricted to the extent that only the emitted 5-7 clock program " Capital Connection " in Germany can be received in this way. The radiated 7-10 clock program " Squawk Box Europe" was replaced by broadcasting cartoons.

Satellite frequencies

  • Astra 19.2 ° digital: 11,597 MHz vertical, symbol rate: 22,000