CNBC [ si ː ˌ ʲ ɛnbisi ] (an abbreviation for Consumer News and Business Channel; translated: Consumer News and Business Channel ) is a group of news channels. They belong to the family of stations of NBC Universal, a subsidiary of Comcast. CNBC and its international offshoots transferred business news and information live from the action in the financial markets. According to information from the transmitter reach a total of approximately 390 million viewers worldwide.


On April 17, 1989 NBC and Cablevision called the American broadcaster Consumer News and Business Channel to life. The program was produced in the studios in Fort Lee, New Jersey. In May 1991, the station merged with the contention channel FNN ( Financial News Network). Previously, CNBC had to contend with a lack of viewers. The top dog FNN ran into financial difficulties. As part of the Association not only the former co-owner Cablevision sold its shares in NBC. Also, the original name Consumer News and Business Channel fell off. Until the mid- 1990s, the channel CNBC / FNN said.

1995 summed up the station on the Asian continent by foot, founded the business channel CNBC Asia. A year later CNBC Europe followed. Agreed in 1997 CNBC and Dow Jones & Company, a strategic partnership. This provided for a close substantive cooperation with the news agency Dow Jones Newswires and the newspaper The Wall Street Journal. In the same year, CNBC Asia and CNBC Europe merged with the Dow Jones news channels belonging ABN ( Asia Business News) and EBN ( European Business News). Henceforth contributed CNBC and its international offshoots always the subtitle A service of NBC and Dow Jones (a service of NBC and Dow Jones).

With the boom of the Internet and the resulting technologies and business fields of the sender reached more and more viewers. In 2003, the channel changed its studios, moved to Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey. There, the full changeover took place on digital video production. In addition, CNBC U.S. sends since 10 October 2007, the High Definition program CNBC HD .

End of 2005, Dow Jones sold his shares to CNBC Asia and CNBC Europe on NBC. However, remained untouched cooperation with the American transmitter.

CNBC is a profit of about $ 333 million in 2007 ( with a turnover of around $ 510 million ) of the second most profitable of NBC Universal cable channel in the U.S. .. On 15 October 2007 CNBC received in the United States, competition from the similarly designed economy Fox Business Network by media mogul Rupert Murdoch. This is planning its program worldwide spread.


It broadcasts live every trading day zwischen 4 und 20 clock clock (Eastern Standard Time). Evenings and weekends sends CNBC documentaries, infomercials and shows such as The Apprentice, Deal or No Deal and 1 vs. 100 - productions of the sister station NBC.

Market Daily consignments:

Influence in the U.S.

The appearance of the Exchange moderator Rick Santelli, a former hedge fund manager on 19 February 2009 is seen as an important moment in the establishment of the Tea Party. Live from the stock market saw the raging Rick Santelli no longer the banks that were bailed out with billions from the government as the culprits of the financial crisis, but the homeowner "loser " who had run into trouble. He said this in all seriousness: "The government is promo ting bad behavior". Then he cried in front of the camera: ". We're thinking of having a Chicago Tea Party in July All you capitalists who want where show up at Lake Michigan, I'm going to start organizing ."

CNBC International

On 9 December 1997, Dow Jones and NBC have announced a joint venture to introduce international versions of CNBC. The primary operations are CNBC Europe in London and CNBC Asia from Hong Kong and Singapore. Since 1 June 2007 sends CNBC Africa, whose headquarters is located in Sandton, Johannesburg. Each day, the staff put together a nine hours ' economic program for Africa. The remaining time is mostly taken over the program from CNBC Europe. However, there are also some programs from CNBC Asia and CNBC (U.S.).

NBC Universal also has a channel for Latin America ( CNBC Latin America ) on which the live program from the U.S. CNBC, and since the merger with NBC Universal, the CNBC World Live program transmitted. There are also a number of local CNBC services, such as the Japanese version ( Nikkei CNBC), the Turkish version ( CNBC -e ), and the South Korean version (SBS - CNBC). The international CNBC variants transmit the same type of program such as CNBC U.S. and its main economic programs. CNBC Europe and CNBC Asia broadcasts can be seen on the cable channel CNBC World in North America. In India, CNBC Asia is represented company at the " Television Eighteen ," which organize an English business news station called " CNBC TV18 " and a Hindi business news channel called " Awaaz ". CNBC TV18 is also India's most -seen English news channel. In Germany CNBC Europe was involved until 2009 when the stock market coverage on a cooperation with N24. Since N24 is cooperating in its stock news with the German investors TV.