Coach (bus)

A Coach ( Swiss High German Car or Autocar ) is a bus, which only has seats. For coaches, it is in the context of EU Directive 2001/ 85 of the EC in November 2001, for vehicles in " Class 3 ", ie to " vehicles that seated solely for transporting passengers are built. "

Technical details

Modern coaches usually have 6 - or 8 - cylinder diesel engines with one or two turbochargers, up to 16 liters, a peak power up to 375 kW and 6 -, 8 -, 12 - or 16 -speed transmission. Today's features are as ABS, ASR, wear-free auxiliary brake, lane departure warning and adaptive cruise control. Seat belts are now available for each seating position in vehicles newly registered provision.

A coach today costs depending on the construction and equipment between € 250,000 and € 600,000.

Coaches have - compared with urban or regional buses - additional facilities for long trips, such as (but not necessarily ) include:

  • Head restraints for all passengers
  • Comfortable seats ( back in sleeping position adjustable), armrests, reclining seats for night driving
  • Footrests
  • Folding tables at each seat
  • Cup holders
  • Refrigerator
  • Kitchen for entertaining passengers, sometimes a bar or bistro
  • Storage for hand luggage
  • Safety devices of various kinds (seat belts, retarder, ESP, ABS ... )
  • One or more large baggage compartments in the floor of the bus
  • Anti-fog double glazing
  • Toilet facility (usually under the floor at the exit, formerly at the rear)
  • A seat next to the driver and a tour guide / passenger
  • Curtains at each window seat and reading light for each seat
  • Microphone for explanations
  • Radio system, video system
  • DVD player with headphone jack
  • Screen at each seat
  • Heater
  • Air conditioning
  • Often also GPS navigation and associated directions

The size of single deck coaches may be from about 30 to about 59 places. Modern coaches are often a high wing or biplane. Modern double-decker can carry 70 persons or more. With the increased height, the passengers get a better view, which is especially for city tours of advantage. Moreover, this remains below the passenger deck storage space for luggage.

Star system

Coaches are classified in Germany with a " star system " drawn up by Buskomfort eV (similar to hotels). The classification depends on the seat dividers ( seat pitch) and other comforts criteria.