Coahuila - Coahuila de Zaragoza officially - is a Mexican state located in the north of the country, on the border with Texas, which forms the Rio Grande in a wide arc. The limit is 512 km long. The adjacent Mexican states of Nuevo León in the east, the South San Luis Potosi and Zacatecas, and in the west Durango and Chihuahua.

Coahuila de Zaragoza has 3,055,395 inhabitants ( census 2010) after a strong population growth in recent years (about 2.5 million in 2005, 2.3 million in 2000, 2.2 million in 1995 and 2.0 million in 1990 ). This represents approximately 2.4 % of the Mexican population (ranked 15 of the Mexican states ). The area of ​​151,571 km ² corresponds to about 7.7 % of the area of the State of Mexico, resulting in an average population density of 20 inhabitants per km ² calculated, well below the Mexican middle of 50 inhabitants per km ².

The majority of the country consists of desert steppe of the Chihuahuan Desert, the Sierra Madre Oriental forms the eastern border of Nuevo León. Capital is Saltillo. Other major cities are Torreón, Monclova, Piedras Negras and Ciudad Acuña, enter the total of 60 % of the population homeland. Further subdivided into 38 municipios Administratively, Coahuila, the smallest of which about 1,000 inhabitants.