Coast Guard Island

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Coast Guard Iceland ( until 1982: Iceland Government, dt " island government ") is a small inhabited island on the west coast of the United States in the American state of California. It is located between the towns of Alameda and Oakland in the Bay of San Francisco in Embarcadero Cove estuary, about 300 meters away from the mainland. The 68 acre ( 27.5 hectare) island is connected by a bridge to the south of Oakland.

The island has been used since 1926 by the U.S. Coast Guard United States Coast Guard, today almost exclusively by this. Access is therefore forbidden to the public. On the island there are several departments of the military and the public (civil ) administration, for example, the Pacific Commander Station (U.S. Coast Guard District Eleven ), training centers and accommodation of the Coast Guard, two military hospitals, a seaport for sea-going ships of the Coast Guard and the San Francisco Marine Safety Office. Currently, Iceland Coast Guard homeport of ships (High Endurance Cutter) USCGC Boutwell ( WHEC -719 ) USCGC Morgenthau ( WHEC -722 ) and USCGC Sherman ( WHEC - 720).