Coast Mountain Bus Company

Coast Mountain Bus Company ( CMBC ) is a bus company that operates in the Canadian city of Vancouver and in many suburbs. It is entirely owned by Translink, the public transport company of the Greater Vancouver Regional District. The company was founded in 1999 and employs 5,200 people, of which about 3,350 bus drivers. The headquarters is located in Surrey. CMBC operates a total of over 1,300 buses.

The company is responsible for the majority of bus services in Greater Vancouver, with the exception of the city of West Vancouver, which has its own bus operation with West Vancouver Blue Bus, and three subcontractors that provide feeder lines. It operate a total of 201 bus lines, including the Vancouver trolley bus with 13 lines, twelve night bus routes and three express routes. CMBC transported 700,000 passengers daily. All buses are wheelchair accessible. New vehicles are being procured in low floor, the older high-floor vehicles are equipped with wheelchair lifts. As an extra buses are equipped with bicycle racks on the front, which can be folded out when required.

The SeaBus ferry across the Burrard Inlet are also offered by CMBC and transported every day up to 21,000 passengers.

Trolley next to the SkyTrain station " Marine Drive " in Vancouver

Transport in Richmond

SeaBus ferry on the Burrard Inlet