Coat of arms of Basque Country (autonomous community)

The coat of arms of the Basque Country is quartered.

In the first golden frame on a green background is a silver castle with two blue windows and blue gate, from which a blue armored arm brandishing a sword hervorbricht.und red, langued and rotbewehrter lion wards: the second silver box is surrounded by the golden board with eight red Flanchis and shows erdenem reason, the Holy oak of Gernika with brown trunk and green foliage crown, which covers a silver Wicked Cross, the third golden field is divided by wave cut in gold and blue, has the top three green trees and down three narrow silvery wave beams. The fourth field is solid red. The coat of arms is surrounded on each side by an oak branch with four fruits.

The field represents four Navarra, the intervened in 1982 against the use of its symbols in the Basque coat of arms.

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