Cobh Ramblers F.C.

The Cobh Ramblers Football Club, (Irish Cumann Peile Chóstóirí Chóbh ) is a football team, founded in 1922 from the southern Irish port town of Cobh. The Cobh Ramblers play since 1985 in the League of Ireland, but up to three seasons in the 1980s and 1990s, always in the lower season, the First Division.


The Ramblers were originally a hockey club, but many members of the team often played prior to the separation of the Irish Free State from the United Kingdom against British soldiers, so they made the club in 1922 to a mere football club. From its foundation until 1985 the club played in the Munster Senior League. Reach towards the end of this period the Ramblers two of her greatest successes; than not the League of Ireland close relation club succeeded in 1980/81 to the quarter-finals of the Irish Cup, 1982/83 even after wins against Dundalk and Finn Harps the semi-finals against Sligo Rovers, the measurement should be due to the discharge mode offers, the long replays envisaged until one team won a game in 90 minutes for itself, becoming one of the most exciting of the Irish Cup history. The first game ended after a tour of the Ramblers, which could compensate for the Rovers first minute in the 88th, 1-1. In the first replay the Ramblers in the last 20 minutes were able to make a 0:2 deficit, then in the next second replay both teams could not score a goal in front of 22,000 spectators. Halfway through the third repeat play, the Ramblers watched superior game and a 2-0 lead in the stadium of the Rovers already like the sure winner of this could more or less offset by an assault in the second half and in extra time with the final whistle 3-2 take the lead and decide the semi-finals after four games for themselves. Since then, the Ramblers could never advance again so far in the Irish Cup.

In 1985, the Ramblers were then included in the Football League of Ireland, after two seasons ended as the sixth of the ten clubs in the First Division, succeeded in the third season 1987/88, as vice- champion of the first promotion to the Premier Division, the top division of Ireland but to which the immediate re- descent followed. 1991 and 1992 you failed as a third party almost twice the rise before 1993, the second ascension succeeded. However, the club could not in the Premier Division prevail, while in 1994 the penultimate descent as could still be avoided, the club in 1995 increased from last but one. 2007 could achieve promotion to the Premier Division again, but increased in 2008 again. In addition, the club did not acquire the license for the First Division in 2009. For this reason, the Ramblers in 2009 played in the A Championship, the third highest league. In 2013 the club, then got back the license for the First Division.

Known player

Roy Keane, arguably the most successful Irish footballer of all time began as a 17 -year-old in the 1989/90 season his career with the Ramblers, before moving to England. The singer of the Irish boyband Westlife Nicky Byrne played in 1997 a total of 11 appearances for the Ramblers.