Cobra Golf

Cobra Golf is a manufacturer of golf clubs. The best-known product is the Baffler, a Driver line King Cobra. Since 2010, Cobra is part of the Puma Group.


The Australian Thomas L. Crow, winner of the Australian Amateur Golf Championship in 1961, realized early his passion for the construction of golf clubs. In the 1970s, individual productions of thugs were in great demand. In 1973, Crow his company, which specialized in so-called Custom Made bat. He constructed a bat model that resembled the later Baffler. It was this is a model made ​​of wood, which in the sole of the club head contained an iron plate. In 1978 the company got the name Cobra Golf Inc. Gary Biszantz, who had previously worked in sales of Ford Motor Company, became a partner of Cobra Golf. In 1980, the wood Baffler on the market and became a success. Already in 1985 achieved Cobra golf with him an annual turnover of 4.5 million U.S. dollars. At the end of the 1980s, the turnover was 20 million U.S. dollars by the expansion to Canada, Japan and some European countries. In 1993, the company had already reached a turnover of 56 million U.S. dollars. This was working with Greg Norman at a Werbpartner. Norman is a longtime friend as company founder Crow and also Australians. 1995 was incorporated Cobra Golf from a conglomerate American Brands, today bought Fortune Brands, and in the in the Acushnet Company. Acushnet Golf combines the activities of the Group.

In March 2010, Puma announced its intention to acquire the Cobra golf brand of Acushnet.

Market position

As before, successfully Cobra Golf is with the Driver Baffler. In addition, the brand has a strong position in oversized and forgiving iron clubs. The company also stands for very high-quality racket: fairway woods, putter and iron club.


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