Cochinoca Department

The department Cochinoca is one of sixteen administrative units in the province of Jujuy in northwestern Argentina. It is located in the northern center of the province of Jujuy. The capital of the department is Abra Pampa.

Cochinoca bordered to the north by the Departamento Yavi, on the east by the departments of Humahuaca, Tumbaya, to the south by the province of Salta and on the west by the departments Susques and Rinconada. In the south of the department is the lake Laguna de Guayatayoc, which is known for its flamingo colonies.

According to the census of 2001, the Department Cochinoca 12,111 inhabitants ( INDEC, 2001). According to estimates by the INDEC, the population has increased to 13,301 residents in 2005.


The Spanish conquerors found in the region in front of the Indian peoples of Casabindos and Cochinocas who devoted themselves to mining. Due to the mineral wealth Cochinoca became an economically important settlement within the Argentine Puna.

Cities and Towns

In the department Cochinoca there are four communities in local self-government:

  • Abra Pampa (Municipio )
  • Abdon Castro Tolay ( Comisión municipal)
  • Abraleite ( Comisión municipal)
  • Puesto del Marqués ( Comisión municipal)

In addition, there are the following settlements:

  • Rinconadillas
  • Santuario de Tres Pozos
  • Casabindo
  • Tusaquilla
  • Cochinoca
  • San Francisco de Alfarcito
  • Nuevo Arbolito
  • Cangrejos
  • Miniaio
  • Tusaquilla ( Cantera )
  • Tambillos
  • San Jose de Miraflores
  • Rachaite
  • Quichuagua
  • Muñayoc
  • Cince
  • Doncellas Chicas
  • Doncellas Grandes
  • Rumicruz
  • Potrero
  • Agua Caliente de la Puna
  • Agua Caliente
  • Lulluchayoc
  • La Redonda