Coco Islands

The Cocos Islands ( burmese ကိုကိုးကျွန်း KuiKui: kywan: [ kò.kó.cúɴ ]; english Coco Islands ) are an archipelago in the Indian Ocean which belong politically to Myanmar ( Burma).


The Cocos Islands are the northern continuation of the chain of islands belonging to India and the Andaman Islands are separated from the northern Andaman Islands by the 20 km wide coconut Channel (german Coco Channel). They lie approximately 300 kilometers south of the Burmese mainland.

The archipelago consists of the Great Cocos Island ( approximately 10 times 2 kilometers in size ) and the Little Coconut Island ( approximately 5 times 1 kilometers in size ), separated by the Alexandra Canal, as well as the small island of the chalkboard island.

Administratively, the islands belong to Yangon Division, Yangon South District, Cocokyun Township (about church ), Cocokyun Town.

Possession and use

1998, Indian Defence explained that the islands once belonged to India, by Jawaharlal Nehru but Burma, now known as Myanmar were given.

Due to its strategic location, they were leased in 1994 to the People's Republic of China, which operates a military airfield and facilities for radar surveillance and for telecommunication and electronic clearing on the islands.

Flora and Fauna

On the Great Cocos Island lay numerous green turtles regularly to their nests. 2006 began the first time a study to examine the long-term population.